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Life Insurance Audit

Audit Triggers


  • Trust Owned Life Insurance policies should be reviewed about every four years
  • The need for life insurance increases or decreases
  • Family or business situations have changed
  • Policy interest rates, dividends, or investment returns have declined
  • The insured’s health has improved, offering for potential savings in policy expenses
  • The insured’s health has declined, confirm current policy values
  • The policy has outstanding loans, requires policy changes, or is nearing the end of its conversion period

Get an audit...the good kind.

The Process

What is the process?

  • Order and review all in force life insurance policy statements
  • Analyze current premium funding level and frequency
  • Review projected guaranteed and non-guaranteed policy values
  • Investigate for possible medical underwriting class improvement to reduce policy expenses
  • Evaluate policy conversion options (if applicable)
  • Assess industry rating bureau reports of insurance companies
  • Review new products or riders that may enhance your coverage

What we’ll provide:

  • A review of in-force life insurance relative to current needs
  • An analysis of current policy funding
  • An investigation seeking improvements in your medical underwriting classification
  • An analysis of your policy’s performance compared to illustrations at the time of the sale
  • An assessment of the current ratings of each insurance company owned
  • A comparative analysis of your policy and policies currently available in the marketplace
  • Professional decision making support

We believe careful review, analysis, and recommendations will result in the optimal insurance solution for you and your family.